Our Products

Our product software technology accommodates the unique needs and practices for organizations of all sizes. IPeople products give healthcare organizations clarity and control. Whether you want to build your own data repository, write your own integration, or have a strategy when your MEDITECH system is down – we have you covered.

IPeople Echo

Create a customized data repository with Echo, a web-based data download manager and repository builder inspired and evolved over the years by the needs of our users.

IPeople Direct

Direct, real-time access to your systems for use with any ODBC or ADO.NET tools. Access your data using more universally known applications for simplified querying, report writing, and extraction processes.

IPeople Scout

Bridge the gap between you and your data. Scout offers a wide range of tools that make it easier than ever to find and report against the data in your MEDITECH system.

IPeople Offline

Web-based views eliminate the need for paper charts or aged printed reports. Your staff will have intuitive views of MAR, patient visit history, allergies, nursing, orders and results, appointments, medications, and more.

Network Down

A layer of redundancy, so that downtime views are replicated to standalone PC’s giving your staff access to critical patient information when your network is otherwise unattainable.

Downtime Registration

Safely admit, discharge, and transfer patients while maintaining the integrity of your registration process. Once MEDITECH comes back up, it will automatically sync with the click of a button.


Automation for multiple systems, offers direct access to your MEDITECH database and other data sources, and supports running multiple scripts simultaneously for supported platforms.


Assist is an enterprise-wide solution, offering a heightened level of workflow and process automation with an easy-to-use toolbar for adding workflow enhancements.

Vendor Integrations

Working with a closed, proprietary system can prove costly and time-intensive without the proper skills and guidance. Vendors may not have the ability to get data from or to the MEDITECH system.

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