Data Extraction

Healthcare technology professionals often face the challenge of extracting the correct data from systems with proprietary databases for use in custom reporting. Many times, MEDITECH's offered data repositories simply aren’t enough because they lack data or lack a way to trust the data in them.

How Can We Help?

Don’t have time to build your own data repository? Need gaps filled with your existing DR? Take advantage of our unique data extraction tools: IPeople Echo, IPeople Direct, and IPeople Scout. 

IPeople Echo

Echo offers the ability to transfer data from your MEDITECH system to SQL Server. Echo is a web-based solution giving users the ability to create, modify and monitor batch-driven or single downloads of data without having to write a line of code.



IPeople Direct

IPeople is an industry leader when it comes to accessing your MEDITECH data.  Access information real-time, in the way that you want to see it.
Direct delivers a single point of connectivity to access all connected systems through ODBC or ADO.NET technologies for quick and simple, real-time reporting.

IPeople Scout

Scout gives organizations the ability to explore their databases and easily identify table and field relationships, view MEDITECH LIVE, TEST and DR data, track notes, provide comparisons of data elements across disparate systems, and search real-time data values all in an intuitive, easy to use UI platform.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Full and activity extractions of ALL data with audits to ensure 100% accuracy
  • No reliance on NPR reports, interfaces, scripting
  • The only vendor providing this type of solution
  • Users can control the data extractions
  • The ability to preview data, and comparison features against the MEDITECH DR
  • Provides permissions across all connected systems (HIPAA compliant)

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