We’re more integrated, so you can be more automated.

IPeople’s robust integration empowers organizations to ensure data integrity, eliminate redundancy, reduce costs, save time, and enhance employee performance. Our interactive solution is the launch point for limitless workflow improvements and enhanced process automation. We’ll take your MEDITECH data to a whole new level.



Allows users to create scripts to automate workflow within any MEDITECH screen. Choose from a selection of technical and nontechnical scripting methods: intuitive wizards, script objects, global routines, scheduling, and the ability to query your MEDITECH data in real-time in support of your automation.



Improves workflow with a powerful, interactive, and customizable toolbar to provide users with options that are not present in the MEDITECH system. Includes spell-checking capabilities, format requirements at the point of registration, and easy-to-access buttons to launch third-party applications.

Vendors: We’re Experts At Integration,
So You Won’t Have To Be.

Working with a closed, proprietary system is costly and time-intensive without expert guidance. Whether it’s HL7 integration, integrating third-party applications directly to the MEDITECH system, or data extractions, IPeople ensures that your integrations are ready with the highest quality in the industry.

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Meet Our Vendor Partners

We work with hundreds of third-party vendors to provide data sharing, communication, and enhanced workflow solutions within budget, ensuring that organizations meet their goals while saving money. Here are just few.

  • Allegiance Group
  • Harmony Healthcare IT
  • MediQuant
  • Clearsense
  • HTC Global
  • Triyam
  • Experian Health
  • InstaMed, JP Morgan
  • Galen Healthcare

All Needs. All Size Organizations. All Covered.

Whether you want to build your own data repository, write your own integration, or have a strategy when your MEDITECH system is down – IPeople has you covered. Our products give healthcare organizations the clarity and control the need to succeed.

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