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System downtime is unavoidable, whether scheduled or unscheduled. When your MEDITECH system is down, staff productivity and workflow are disrupted, and patient safety is compromised. Easy access to key clinical information allows staff to focus on providing excellent patient care.


How Can We Help?

Our downtime solutions facilitate the effective management of patient data with real-time access and backup capabilities.

Offline Views

Is an intranet web-based view of your critical clinical data.  Offline Views is near real time access to discrete data built with your dictionaries and CDS questions.  These views are built real time giving you the most interactive access to critical data during a downtime.

Downtime Registration

Safely admit, transfer and discharge patients while maintaining the integrity of your registration process during a downtime. When the downtime is over this solution will automatically sync back with your MEDITECH system.

Network Down

Add a layer of redundancy to ensure data access during a downtime if your entire network is down.  Offline views are replicated to standalone PC’s giving your staff access to critical patient information on encrypted pdfs.



Where Downtime and Migration Merge

With IPeople’s Offline solutions all your patient’s clinical history remains at your fingertips and is available for patient care decisions, even when migrating to a new MEDITECH system. By merging Data Migration and IPeople Offline views, a complete patient history is always accessible; thus, offering your care providers a full view into the past care of your patients.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Discrete data-based
  • No reliance on NPR reports, interfaces, scripting
  • The only vendor providing this type of solution
  • Users can control the data extractions
  • The ability to preview data, and comparison features against the MEDITECH DR
  • Provides permissions across all connected systems (HIPAA compliant)

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