Process Automation 

Even with modern technological advances, most organizations are still utilizing workflows that accommodate limitations of the past. Heavy reliance on manual data entry monopolizes user workloads, often restricting focus on organizational priorities or incentives.

How Can We Help?

IPeople’s powerful integration provides enhanced workflow and process automation for your MEDITECH system. The powerful, interactive solution is the launch point for limitless workflow improvements. This robust integration empowers organizations to ensure data integrity, eliminate redundancy, reduce costs, save time and enhance employee performance.

IPeople Script

IPeople's Script allows users to create scripts to automate workflow within any MEDITECH screen in support of your data entry needs. Choose from a selection of technical and non-technical scripting methods: intuitive wizards, script objects, global routines, scheduling, and the ability to query your MEDITECH data in real-time in support of your automation.

IPeople Assist

IPeople's Assist is an enterprise-wide solution, offering a heightened level of workflow and process automation. IPeople Assist includes a powerful, interactive, and customizable toolbar to provide users with options that are not present in the MEDITECH system. Workflow automation built with IPeople Assist has included spell-checking capabilities, format requirements at the point of registration, and easy-to-access buttons to launch third-party applications.

What Make Us Different?

  • Single vendor solution
  • Fully customizable to fit all versions of MEDITECH
  • Smarter scripting approach to reduce timing issues and simplify the logic
  • Works with all MEDITECH platforms, including Expanse
  • Ability to query the MEDITECH system real-time (through SmartLink)
  • Significant speed benefits over other scripting solutions

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