All too often healthcare disparate systems don’t communicate well with one another, making it difficult, time-consuming, or even impossible to retrieve and share the patient data that staff needs.

How Can We Help?

Our interface experts provide the strategic and technical guidance your healthcare organizations need to create and maintain robust interfaces and reliable data.

Integration and process automation both serve as a strong basis for the delivery of quality patient care. IPeople has earned a solid reputation for providing robust and reputable HL7, XML, and custom interface solutions to the healthcare community.

Our integration experts will work with you and your teams to ensure the critical details of your project are addressed proactively. Through best practices and smarter, intuitive technology, we get to any data and ensure that your interfaces cover all your needs within a single vendor solution.

Outbound Integration from your MEDITECH system

Our dependable outbound interfaces query the MEDITECH system directly and transmit data to the destination system based on specified formats, including HL7, XML, JSON, proprietary formats, and other industry protocols such as FHIR.

Inbound Integration to your MEDITECH system

At IPeople, we upload every workflow through our dependable scripting solution to ensure that your organization is not breaking any rules regarding your MEDITECH maintenance.


 What Makes Us Different?

  • Single vendor solution
  • 24/7 Alert notifications
  • Auto Recovery
  • No table restrictions

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