Legacy Support

During the daunting task of a MEDITECH system transition, the majority of the focus is often on the implementation of the new system and not the legacy systems and the various data stored in those systems.


How Can We Help?

It is important to engage the support services of an expert to maintain the legacy systems. IPeople legacy support consultants come to the table knowledgeable and certified in your system, able to make any modifications needed to keep it in service before we sunset it.

IPeople’s legacy support is offered as a series of packaged solutions, customized to best suit your organization’s needs. Whether you need a full legacy support service or just a few components of our offerings, you can customize the support level to best meet the needs of your team.

Our legacy support analysts are certified and have experience working with a variety of vendors and we’re here to offer the vital support your legacy system requires allowing staff to focus on the implementation of your new health care information system.

What Makes Us Different?

  • A comprehensive cross-application approach that eliminates your burden, just hand us the keys
  • Expertise in direct Physician engagement and support
  • An integrated archiving/migration solution to get you off your legacy system faster
  • Credentialed Quality and Regulatory reporting setup and support of attestations during the transition

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