Vendor Integrations

Working with a closed, proprietary system can prove costly and time-intensive without the proper skills and guidance. Vendors may not have the ability to get data from or to the MEDITECH system. For many vendors, this is the biggest challenge in breaking into a new market, such as MEDITECH.


How Can We Help?

Whether the need is HL7 integration, integrating a third-party application directly to the MEDITECH system, or data extractions, our team of experts will ensure your integration projects are developed with the highest quality in the industry.

IPeople works with hundreds of third-party vendors to provide data sharing, communication, and enhanced workflow solutions within budget, ensuring that organizations meet their goals while saving money.

Some Of The Vendors We Work With

  • T-System
  • Wellsoft
  • Harmony Healthcare IT
  • Galen Healthcare
  • Ellkay
  • Experian Health
  • First Databank
  • Allscripts
  • Quadramed
  • Access E-Forms
  • InstaMed

What Makes Us Different?

  • Fully customizable to fit all versions of MEDITECH
  • Smarter scripting approach to reduce timing issues and simplify the logic
  • Works with all MEDITECH platforms, including MEDITECH 6.1
  • Ability to query the MEDITECH system real-time (through SmartLink)
  • Significant speed benefits over other scripting solutions


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