EHR Migration

Migrating to a new EHR for most healthcare organizations is no easy endeavor. These transitions can often present significant challenges to operations, clinical workflows, and revenue cycle health.

How Can We Help?

Our dedicated EHR migration team offers highly customized data extraction and migration services based on your needs. IPeople’s data migration experts can extract and map data from your legacy system, keeping workflows and functionality intact, while leveraging the consistency and accuracy of your data.

Data Extractions

Our proprietary data extraction process requests and receives data from the EHR through a HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures all your data is extracted. Once extracted, we provide a full audit report of the extraction, giving you the peace of mind that you have all of your legacy data.



Legacy Data Views

We make discrete legacy data available in a single, intuitive archive solution. Retire your costly legacy system and maintain the continuity of care while complying with federal mandates.





EHR Legacy Support

We provide cost-effective legacy support so that your staff can focus on building and learning your new system.

We understand that clinicians, as well as your IT staff have their hands full. Let IPeople do all the heavy lifting to successfully meet your go-live date, while you continue to focus on patient care.


What Makes Us Different?

  • Discrete data-based
  • Dynamic reports, not pre-formatted, pre-printed reports
  • No reliance on NPR or M-AT Reports
  • Refreshed data pulled, not pushed
  • Full audit to ensure 100% data extraction accuracy
  • Reports to identify previously archived or purged data
  • On-premise OR cloud options available

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