Process Automation

Even with modern technological advances, most organizations are still utilizing workflows that accommodate limitations of the past. Heavy reliance on manual data entry monopolizes user workloads, often restricting focus on organizational priorities or incentives.

How Can We Help?

Implementing IPeople process automation solutions in your organization automates manual data entry tasks faster, with a higher degree of accuracy, giving organizations more opportunity to focus on patient care and satisfaction. IPeople can provide the proprietary tools for you to build your own custom workflows within your MEDITECH system.

Resources limited? Take advantage of our experts, the IPeople professional services team can write it for you!

What Makes Us Different?

  • Single vendor solution
  • Fully customizable to fit all versions of MEDITECH
  • Smarter scripting approach to reduce timing issues and simplify logic
  • Works with all MEDITECH platforms, including MEDITECH 6.x and Expanse
  • Ability to query the MEDITECH system real-time (through SmartLink)
  • Significant speed benefits over other scripting solutions

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