Not An Option.

When your system goes down, we lift you up.

IPeople is the only MEDITECH expert that pulls patient data in near real-time.

We empower your organization to make its maximum impact on the health and well-being of the community.


Patients’ Lives Are On The Line.

Watch How

we apply our MEDITECH expertise to your Electronic Health System

Nothing is more important than saving lives.

That’s why IPeople proudly offers more clarity, reliability, and control to the healthcare industry. We are patient-focused solutions with a purpose.



Connectivity across the continuum of care, with seamless data exchange in multiple formats


Operational Continuance

Business continuity solutions ensure patient data is always available, regardless of downtime or outages.


MEDITECH Archiving Services

Single vendor solution
Discrete data-based
Dynamic reports, not pre-formatted, pre-printed reports
No reliance on NPR or M-AT Reports


Commonly chosen. Uncommonly effective.

IPeople Offine

Business continuity solutions ensure patient data is always available, regardless of downtime or outages.

MEDITECH Archiving

IPeople’s data archiving experts can extract and map data from your legacy system, keeping workflows.

We make it easy for you to do right by them.

At IPeople, we understand you have many patients to help – and zero time to waste.
That’s why our approach is straightforward, transparent, and collaborative.

Needs Analysis

No one likes to waste hours of time and energy just to find out the solution is out of budget. That’s why we provide quick turn “ball park” numbers so you can make sure the solution fits your budget upfront.

Solution Implementation

After we are all on the same page about the value, price, and scope then we ink the paperwork to get the project started. It’s that simple. No strings attached!

Project Scope

Once we’re within your budget range, we work collaboratively to scope your unique project so we can ensure the project is done on time and on budget with no surprises for either one of us.


Celebrating two decades of positive global impact.

IPeople has been improving patient care and saving lives since 2002.



Monthly Data Transactions






Lives Impacted




Our clients say it best.

Audrey Parks

“A passionate commitment to service and excellence”

Audrey Parks

Chief Information Officer


“Finally, we will all be able to sleep better at night.”

Dr. David Kasting



“Highly recommend their interface solutions.”

Dominic Ko

Portfolio Manager


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